Text images

The intercultural text images project has been going since 2006 and will be carried out for the 17th time this year. It is also a continuation of the successful literary events and exhibitions carried out by the “Intercultural Creative Factory Solothurn”, which has existed since 1995.

From 9th to 21st August, 2021, young people from Switzerland – both from immigrant families and other backgrounds – will be working together with around twenty 18-30 year old people from various countries such as Israel, Georgia, Germany, Iran, Spain, etc. to create intercultural text images. The project will take place in Solothurn, Switzerland.

In workshop conversation and during communal life and work, these young people will discuss political, social and artistic subjects; these are bound to show not only cultural differences but also commonalities.

In addition, art and design workshops for kids and teenagers from the Solothurn region will be on offer. Students from grades 1-9 will also experience the young international artists as part of the activity. Visits in the studio on the Weissensteinstrasse Solothurn are welcome at any time.

Cooperation partner is: Workcamp Switzerland

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