Further projects

Junges Literaturforum (Youth Literature Forum)

The “Intercultural Creative Factory Solothurn” was awarded the Regiobank Solothurn’s sponsorship and recognition award in summer 2002 for the “Youth Literature Forum” project.

A year later, the “Interkulturelle Literaturwettbewerb” (Intercultural Literature Competition) received the “conTAKT’03” prize from Migros Culture Percentage. The “Intercultural Creative Factory Solothurn” collected picture material from creative artists of the widest ethnic origins. Subsequently, young authors were encouraged to create a short text, text collage or poem based on the collected images, sculptures and photographs and in contact with the artists. The texts were welcomed in German, French, Italian, Turkish and Farsi, and the results judged by a jury. The winning texts were presented to an audience in the course of a literature performance and gained a place in the book “zeit.insel – zeichen interkulturelle begegnungen” (zeit.insel - signs of intercultural encounters). The literature performance even found its way onto about a million paper shopping bags in the Migros supermarket!

In September 2004, the “Intercultural Creative Factory Solothurn” carried out a literature forum in the Solothurn Muttiturm, where many languages used in the area could be heard: from Somali to Persian, from Croatian to German.

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