Further projects


The book “zeit.insel – zeichen interkultureller begegnungen” (zeit.insel – signs of intercultural encounters) came out in 2004. It provides some insight into the work of “Intercultural Creative Factory Solothurn” and shows the most important projects and activities – a very personal creative diary to browse and become immersed in.

As a collection of stories, thoughts, poems, photos, music (on CD) and travel journals as travel tracks of an intercultural way, “zeit.insel” shows how various projects, such as girls’ workshops, literature performances, creative afternoons for business apprentices and Chernobyl children, encounters with people having addictions and much more, have been realised over the years.

Available at bookshops for CHF 48.00 (ISBN 3-9070-1270-4) or directly by email to creafact@solnet.ch

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